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Unconfined Software Corp is a consulting firm based in San Diego, CA that specializes in DevOps and custom programming solutions.  We leverage cloud technologies and services to deliver solutions that scale, are secure, and that enable your team to move faster than before with our recipes for success.

As a provider of DevOps and continuous delivery automation services, our focus is to get your organization successfully on-boarded to The Cloud. While other providers in the DevOps space make bold claims about completely transforming organizations, our services provide a solid footing using standardized industry proven recipes. We specialize in rapid implementation exemplifying all the principles of cloud-native software development. Whether you are small and looking to test your idea or you have some serious deadlines and need to be running in The Cloud, we're going to make it happen.

The following list of principles we apply to every implementation that we deliver:

What we are best at

Our Services

While not everyone needs dedicated support, we offer a range of options tailored to suite your needs. This includes monitoring/alerting, on-call availability for application/cloud rollouts, and general troubleshooting services where we attack the problem and report while you rest.
Even cloud software and infrastructure can be blindly implemented without regard for vision or thorough thought. We work with you side by side to implement executive vision while influencing what we know best to embolden your reputation and not tarnish it.
AWS Cloud Consulting
We are masters of the cloud and can work flexibly with you to get your AWS account/Cloud setup the right way with the right controls.  Whether you just need something small or you need one of our full DevOps packages, we're here to advise you on the best way to take advantage of The Cloud.
We'll setup on-call events, touch-bases, meetings and all. We're not shy and prefer deep collaboration with your team.
As part of true DevOps fashion we believe in working with the team. Whether you are a few founders or you have a slightly bigger team, we'll work with you to ensure changes are documented, requirements are correct, and all parties are on-board.
Does Immutable Infrastructure and Build Pipelines sound cool to you?  To us it's just a way of life and we'll get you set you up with a repeatable infrastructure definition that will continue to work for you over time.
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